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    4 Mistakes Brands Make When Starting an Influencer Marketing Campaign

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    When executed correctly, Influencer marketing can be one of the most effective ways to increase sales and awareness for your product or service. Unfortunately, like any other type of marketing, there are some common mistakes that people run into when attempting to run an Influencer marketing campaign. If one can avoid these common pitfalls, their […]

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    Creative Ways to Tap Into Influencer Marketing: Alternatives to a Full Fledged Campaign


    So you’ve read everything we’ve had to say about Influencer Marketing.  You’ve seen the stats, crunched the numbers, and seen how it has helped other brands thrive. You’re eager to take the next step and start leveraging this exciting approach to social media marketing, but there’s one problem:   you’re not quite ready. After all, […]

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    Wondering About Influencer Marketing ROI? These Numbers Might Surprise You


    We love numbers and statistics, especially when we’re talking about something as seeming nebulous as influence. How do you measure influence? More importantly,  how do you determine how it helps your brand? Is Influencer Marketing really making a difference?  We’ve shared a wealth of statistics with you before, and we think it’s clear that  Influencer […]

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    Using Influencer Marketing to Promote Content


    The case for Influencer Marketing is an easy one to make; the trend towards this modern approach to word of mouth advertising is unmistakable. But while much of the focus is on using Influencer Marketing to promote your brand directly, there are key opportunities to use it in other parts of your marketing strategy, especially […]

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    Should You Let Your Employees Become Influencers?


    In the search for Influencers to market your brand, you’ve probably considered a broad selection of social media personalities to work with. Chances are, though, you’re missing an incredible opportunity much closer to home.  We’ve already discussed the power of building brand advocates within your company, but there is even broader potential if you encourage […]

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