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4 Tips for Pinning Your Way to a Bigger Audience

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Social media marketing is certainly not without its challenges, but there’s one platform that seems to be especially confusing for many brands: Pinterest. At first glance, Pinterest seems fairly simplistic – a site where users can share and discover images of the things that inspire them. But from a marketing perspective, using Pinterest effectively can seem pretty confusing.  How does a simple photograph drive traffic? What kind of content does your market want to see? How do you get people to keep coming back for more?   Never fear – we’ve put together a few (four to be exact!) tips to help you understand how Pinterest can help you promote your brand and grow your market.

Tip 1: Give Followers an Inside Peek

One of the qualities that makes social media such a great marketing platform is its ability to bridge the gap between brands and consumers. What better way to show off your brand’s unique personality than by giving your customers a peek behind the scenes? Whether it’s a quick photo tour of your headquarters, a series of shots showing how your most popular products are made, or a gallery of images showing your employees working hard to deliver excellence, foster the connections that Pinterest creates by letting your followers get a sneak peek at what makes your brand tick.

Tip 2: Follow your followers

Social media users thrive on acknowledgement, and  Pinterest followers are no different. Pinning can be a great way to have a visual conversation with your customers. Check out the things your followers are pinning, and look for opportunities to jump into the discussion.  And don’t be afraid to cross platforms: if a Facebook follower asks for decoration ideas for their upcoming family reunion, that’s a great chance for a party supply company to pin some creative suggestions to a board and share the link on the Facebook comment. Not only are you reaching out to that one specific customer, you’re creating a sense of engagement with everyone that follows your page, and the friends of followers who interact with the post.

Tip 3: Look beyond yourself

It’s a golden rule for social media, and Pinterest is no different: don’t focus solely on promoting your own products or services. Your pins should appeal to the interests of your market, even if they’re not directly related to what you sell.  A company that sells children’s clothing, for instance, can share cute decorating ideas for the nursery, easy family recipes, inspirational sayings about family and parenting – the list goes on. Your audience’s interest in your brand can give you broad insight into the other things they’re likely passionate about.  Feed the passion, and you’ll build their loyalty.

Tip 4: Team up with Influencers

We can’t say it enough: Influencer Marketing is the wave of the future.  Looping influential voices into your conversations is a great way to grow your audience and establish credibility and recognition. Invite Influencers related to your market to share pins on your boards. They have a proven reputation for being able to reach their audiences effectively, and they can help you do the same. Send out a call for creative ideas related to your products, or look for existing Pins that  incorporate products like yours.  Pinterest can drive an incredible amount of referral traffic to your site; teaming up with Influencers can significantly amplify the effect.

Get Pinning!

Pinterest marketing can be as simple and straightforward as Pinterest itself.  Use Pinterest to share content that showcases your brand’s personality, to inspire creative uses of your products, and to engage your audience with targeted, tailored content.  As long as you stay true to the ideals that make social media such an integral part of your customers lives, you’ll soon discover that there are as many opportunities to grow your market as there are pins on Pinterest.

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