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Infographic: Just How Powerful is Influencer Marketing?


Influencer Marketing is emerging as one of the fastest growing trends in digital marketing, but it’s actually a modern take on the oldest form of advertising: word of mouth.  If you’re asking whether Influencer Marketing can make a difference for your brand, this infographic is the perfect place to start.  We’ve compiled data from various papers, studies, surveys and polls to put together the most compelling stats about Influencer Marketing.

These stats show that word of mouth is just as powerful, and arguably even more so, than ever. Where one person’s recommendations were generally limited to people in their immediate circles, social media has made it possible for a single person to share their opinions with hundreds, thousands and even millions of others online. When the recommendation comes from someone whose opinion is valued and trusted, the benefits can be immense.

What difference can Influencer Marketing make for you?  Take a look:

Influencer Marketing Stats
Infographic: Just How Powerful is Influencer Marketing?


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