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    Influencer Marketing: The New “Celebrity” Endorsement?

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    Not long ago, a celebrity endorsement was considered one of the true pinnacles of marketing. Having a famous personality recommending your product to fans was an excellent way to build visibility and establish credibility. Unfortunately, celebrity endorsements are also incredibly expensive – stars aren’t willing to trade on their reputations and recognition without a substantial […]

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    Troubleshooting Your Influencer Marketing Campaign


    So you’ve heard the buzz about Influencer Marketing, and realized how important it is for your digital marketing strategy.  You set your budget, teamed up with Influencers, and created a campaign focusing on your goals.  You waited for the overwhelming impact, the  increased visibility, the incredible growth… and it hasn’t come.  What went wrong? Make no […]

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    4 Tips for Pinning Your Way to a Bigger Audience

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    Social media marketing is certainly not without its challenges, but there’s one platform that seems to be especially confusing for many brands: Pinterest. At first glance, Pinterest seems fairly simplistic – a site where users can share and discover images of the things that inspire them. But from a marketing perspective, using Pinterest effectively can […]

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    Is Influencer Marketing Ethical?

    It’s no secret: we love Influencer Marketing, and think it’s one of the most effective and powerful ways for brands  to reach their audiences. It  has all the hallmarks of a great marketing strategy: authenticity, reach, impact, and of course, value for your advertising dollar. It’s a great opportunity for both brands and Influencers, and […]

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    Influencer Marketing: Not Just for B2C

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    Much of the conversation about Influencer Marketing centers around B2C marketing. After all, as our infographic shows, consumers rely largely on social media recommendations when making buying decisions.  However, Influencer Marketing is an excellent approach for B2B businesses as well, and can significantly elevate your professional profile.  Influencer Marketing can do more than simply build visibility […]

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