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    How Not to Sell Out: Writing Honest Sponsored Reviews

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    It seems like a dream come true: a brand sends you a free product, and asks you to try it out and write a review  on your blog or social media profile.  Everybody wins: you get something for free, the brand gets exposure, and your audience gets information about products they’re interested in.  Easy, right? […]

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    Looking for Brand Advocates? They Might Be Right Under Your Nose


    Brand advocates, the people who talk about your brand because they like you, may be the ultimate form of earned media, but they can also be the most difficult to leverage. However, many brands overlook a potential goldmine of advocates right under their noses: their employees. After all, who knows a brand better than the […]

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    Understanding Klout Scores: How Your Influence is Measured


    When choosing Influencers to work on campaigns, influence is one of the first thing brands take into consideration; after all, marketers want to work with Influencers who can reach sizable audiences.  At GrowInfluence, we use a variety of factors to help marketers evaluate an Influencer’s reach, including Klout scores.  Naturally, this leaves Influencer with important […]

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    Harnessing the Power of Brand Advocates

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    In our recent infographic, we revealed some of the most important statistics that brands need to know when deciding whether to use Influencer Marketing in their advertising strategies.  These stats leave little doubt that word-of-mouth  marketing remains as relevant and vital as ever.  84% of consumers trust recommendations from family and friends; 74% cite word-of-mouth […]

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    5 Things That Should Be in Every Content Brief

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    One of the great advantages of Influencer Marketing is that it takes the burden of content creation off your shoulders.  However, your Influencers will still need some direction from you in order to create Sponsored Content that meets your needs.  By creating a clear, detailed content brief, you’ll give your Influencer the information they need […]

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