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    The Top 4 Things to Look for in an Influencer

    things to look for

    Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most effective ways to market yourself on the web. Choosing the right spokespeople for your sponsored content however, can be incredibly challenging. In order for an influencer marketing campaign to be successful, a marketer must partner with the right influencers first. This begs the questions, what should one look for in an influencer? […]

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    What Makes Social Media & Word-of-Mouth Marketing So Powerful?

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    Word-of-mouth has long been an effective marketing tool. Here’s how social media is making it even better. The Power of Being Social There is no question that social media marketing is an incredibly powerful factor in any company’s marketing strategy. Companies of all sizes are turning to social media to communicate with their customers.New product launches, […]

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    Why Your Sponsored Content Strategy Should be Aiming for the Middle

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    Mid-tier influencers are the most effective way to reach vast audiences and organically grow your brand at a fraction of the cost of professional and celebrity influencers It’s no secret that there social media has become incredibly influential over the past few years. Events and ideas that in the past might have gone by unnoticed, […]

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    How To Indentify The Right Influencers for Your Brand

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    A number of trends have affected advertising over the past few years. Firstly, traditional advertising, radio, television and magazines have become less effective. Secondly, competition online has become fiercer driving paid search prices ever higher while depressing margins. These trends are putting pressure on Marketers to look for new and authentic advertising alternatives to reach […]

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    The 3 Biggest Problems Marketers Face

    concept business

    There are quite a few problems that a business is presented with when starting an online marketing campaign. Whether you’re trying to drive traffic, build your brand, increase sales, or improve customer loyalty–knowing and leveraging the right digital marketing channels and strategies can be incredibly difficult. From content creation to SEO to establishing an online community for […]

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