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Troubleshooting Your Influencer Marketing Campaign


So you’ve heard the buzz about Influencer Marketing, and realized how important it is for your digital marketing strategy.  You set your budget, teamed up with Influencers, and created a campaign focusing on your goals.  You waited for the overwhelming impact, the  increased visibility, the incredible growth… and it hasn’t come.  What went wrong?

Make no mistake – Influencer Marketing can be incredibly effective in promoting your brand.  One great Tweet from an Influencer can be seen by countless social media users around the world, and can drive a great increase in interest.  But while Influencer Marketing can be powerful, it has to be executed in the right way to deliver results.  If you’ve tried Influencer Marketing and weren’t blown away by your results, it might be time to do a little troubleshooting.

Check Your Connection

Influencers are the heart of your Influencer Marketing campaign, and choosing the right ones to work with is critical. Many brands fall into the trap of looking for Influencers with the biggest reach, without looking deeper into whether they’re actually a good fit for your campaign.  As we’ve discussed before, there are three important hallmarks of a good Influencer: Reach, Relevance and Resonance.  Choosing an Influencer with a huge following isn’t enough; you’ll need to make sure you’re working with someone who is  highly relevant to your brand and your target audience.  If you’re a cosmetics company, teaming up with an  Influencer that is widely regarded as a leading expert on technology probably isn’t going to get  you much in the way of results.

Of course, even that’s not enough; your Influencer needs to actually be able to influence their followers.  This requires more than simply being an expert – they need to foster a sense of trust and loyalty with their followers by  building resonance.  They need to be able to speak to the needs of their audiences, and foster a sense of engagement by being active with their followers.

Fix: Take a look at your Influencers.  If they’re not properly targeted to  your market, or you don’t see signs of engagement in their communities, it might be time to team up with someone else.

Update Your System

Before  you invite your first Influencer to work on your campaign, you should already have a very clear strategy in place.  Your campaign strategy should identify who you want to reach, what you want to  say, and what you want to achieve.  You’ll also need to identify your strategy for finding, inviting and collaborating with Influencers.  Who will be in charge of managing the Influencers? Who does the Influencer turn to with questions? What happens if the Influencer says something You’ll need clearly defined goals and metrics for measuring success.  We often find that an underperforming campaign is underperforming simply because the brand doesn’t know what it’s expecting to see at the end.

Fix: Make sure you have an organized strategy with clear goals, targets and metrics for success.

Check the Documentation

Once  you have a clear strategy, you’ll need to communicate it to your Influencers so that they know exactly what they need to say and what they should be focused on.  A content brief is a key ingredient in your campaign, and should give the Influencer everything they need to know to help you succeed, including your budget, your goals, and your target audience. Influencers are skilled at building a strong message, but in order to do  so, they’ll need to know what that message is. Before your campaign begins, put together a detailed brief that spells it all out: what platforms do  you want to target?  How do you want to position your product? Who is your ideal customer? What questions can the Influencer expect to hear, and how should they answer them? What should the Influencer avoid saying?

Fix: Make sure you’re communicating your campaign needs and expectations clearly with your Influencer and giving them the tools and resources to resolve any issues.


If your Influencer Marketing campaign isn’t knocking your socks off, it may be time to give it a reboot.  Evaluate your strategy, rethink your Influencer collaborations, and make sure you’re communicating your needs clearly.  With the right approach, we think you’ll see a significant difference in your next campaign.

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