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Using Influencer Marketing to Promote Content


The case for Influencer Marketing is an easy one to make; the trend towards this modern approach to word of mouth advertising is unmistakable. But while much of the focus is on using Influencer Marketing to promote your brand directly, there are key opportunities to use it in other parts of your marketing strategy, especially when it comes to content marketing.

Whether we’re taking about SEO, PPC, social media marketing, earned media, or Influencer Marketing, there is one central truth: content is king. Creating a great piece of content is an excellent way to establish your authority as an expert, draw the interest of your market and create clear connections between your brand and your keywords for search engines. Behind every great piece of content, of course, there needs to be a great audience. After all, content is only effective if it is read, shared and recognized.

While Influencer Marketing strategies often focus on having content created for you, it’s highly effective in marketing content you have created yourself. ┬áThere are several benefits to this approach: you have full control over the content and its message, you get direct credit for its quality, and your reputation as an authority is directly enhanced.

This strategy to content marketing can easily be used for content you’ve already created. Once your content is ready, you can publish it on sites that you control, and invite Influencers to read, comment and share on that content. If your content covers a variety of key points, you can ask several influencers to weigh in on different aspects of the piece. For instance, for an ebook discussing tips for saving time and money on international travel, you can ask an Influencer known as an expert in air travel to blog about your chapter on saving money on air fare, while a popular food blogger can take a deeper look at your section on budget dining options.

Of course, you can always create content specifically designed to be part of an Influencer campaign. This approach can be extremely effective, as you can structure your content and target its message specifically to speak to Influencers and their audiences, especially if you have a specific Influencer in mind. Of course, as with any content development approach, you’ll need to focus on keeping your content authentic, interesting, and engaging.

Using Influencer Marketing to promote your content is not only a great way to build your brand recognition and respect, it’s also a the perfect approach to increasing traffic to your site. If you’d like more information in how you can use Influencer Marketing as part of your Content Marketing strategy, give us a call; we’ll be happy to discuss ideas.

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